Ebook Triển Khai Instagram Marketing
Ebook 9 Cách Để Gia Tăng Giá Trị Cho Khách Hàng (Tiếng Anh)

Ebook Hướng Dẫn Instagram Toàn Tập (Tiếng Anh)

With Instagram, the burgeoning photo- taking and photo-sharing application, people convey messages through photographs.
Instagram, and McLuhan’s famous statement, speak to the power of visual content. ~ Marshall McLuhan “The medium is the message.”
Maybe you’ve heard of Instagram but don’t really understand how it works or what it does.
Or maybe you want to know how Instagram can be used to market a business.
I’ll tackle both of those things in this ebook. Whether you want to learn about Instagram or see how Instagram fits into marketing efforts, this ebook is for you. Let’s dive into the world of photos, filters, and beyond.

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Ebook Hướng Dẫn Instagram Toàn Tập (Tiếng Anh)
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